sheds a tear as art doesnt show up in tales tag

drew gaius and musee because ive been needing to draw but also wanted to draw them. second and third pics are in reference to this skit.

someone was like does gaius/musee have a ship name and let me just say that their ship name should just be “married couple” because thats all they seem like to me i need to stop

when did i get 90 followers on here

New OCS with designs and color schemes I’m still trying to figure out. I’m competent with them rn but only through time will they become refined.

Their names are grandMother Dorin and Pyke because I can’t stop subconsciously thinking about Phantasy Star apparently

i realized i never recalled seeing genderbends of phantasy star characters so i decided to change that and draw lady wren and tiny boy demi

i like both half butted color and the original sketches so

sometimes i miss aacp and my delicious brown

i just got back from trip and i should probably properly scan and upload things but i drew this weeks fanpro while i was out

idk her names probably sunny and while she acts tough and stuff shes just a young girl at heart or something

friend wanted splatoon art from me and since i was already drawing i was like why not

idc about shooters and stuff in general but i would so play splatoon since its obviously not a generic shooter

some actual hm (or bokumono which i should probably start saying) to cleanse myself from lost valley drawings maybe

you can very clearly see where all my effort went im so sorry amir and nadi who i currently have no idea on how to draw

i was trying to draw wizard because he is the favorite out of all shown rn but i decided to draw a few others cause why not

while i have mixed feels about lost valley in the end i need more info/some videos to really decide if i want to get or not and also bachelors