more talesof_69min pics i did, which one did i give up on

happy ⑨ day i havent drawn touhou in years pls dont ask why she has 6 fingers up instead of 9 its cause im dumb

been doing talesof_69min stuff the past few days because it allows me to draw something everyday but also because im tales of trash

i still really like fanpro and i even have strong headcanons for myself about its world and a plot for it but i already have like 9872385 other stories im working on and want to make and don’t think i could really make the story i would like to make for fanpro since i think it would be even more consuming than my current projects just because of how many fanpros


Tales of Xillia 2 [European] Countdown

3 days till school starts!

Art by Oda.

I gave Elle a school outfit too despite not having one so she wouldn’t be left out of the fun .

My solo piece for the Xillia 2 countdown!

to celebrate the release of xillia 2 tomorrow, im saying goodbye to the first game by drawing rly bad doodles of the characters and leaving what i thought of them before i played and after i played

fun fact: i didnt care about the chimeriad and musee/muzet like a month ago and now anything with chimeriad fuels me and i refer to gaius/muzet as “the married couple”

been feeling light lately

coming up with new oc designs is hard

i drew this really late one night and bleh


Tales of Xillia 2 [North American] Countdown


Art by Minarai & Oda.

Oda: It’s unfortunate that Elle can’t be dressed up, but at least she can help dress up the king and Ludger instead right?

Minarai: The moment we have all been waiting for: dressing up Gaius and Muzét in the wackiest attachments and costumes. Welcome to the crew, nerds.

Countdown pic I did with my friend for Xillia 2 in which I cried over Gauis and Muzet!!!